Farewell My Old Friend


Goodbye my faithful dog.

Its hard to believe its been nearly two years since the loss of my childhood dog, Mike (or Mike-a-nator as he was known back in the day). He was 13 at the time I lost him, and I had known him ever since he was just a 1 1/2 year old pup. Mike was a black English Cocker Spaniel. To this day, I have only seen two other dogs like him. Apparently English Cocker Spaniels were quite popular about 20 years ago, but ever since then their decline has taken a nose-dive . Nowadays the breed is one the more obscure ones, with most people hardly even knowing that the breed exists. Let me fill you in about what English Cocker Spaniels are like. From my experience with Mike, I can say that English Cocker Spaniels are excellent family dogs, but they may not be your cup of tea is you’re looking for an energetic or playful dog. My dog’s idea of “being playful and energetic” was sleeping all day, and then only wanting to play fetch at 9 at night when no one had time to play with him. Apart from that, they’re very patient and kind dogs. Never once did Mike bite or scratch me.

I had Mike for almost 12 years, ever since the day we fond that scraggly pup at the Humane Society. When we first met him, we knew the first thing we wanted to do was change his name. Mike? Mike for a dog’s name? That seemed like one of the weirdest names for a dog. However once we took him home, the name grew on us. Over the years Mike became a beloved (albeit lazy) family member. His favorite things to do were to the eat  and sleep, and if you wanted to give him a bath you were in for the fight of your life. Cocker Spaniels are bred to work in watery environments, but Mike was the exception; he hated water. After 11 1/2 years with Mike, we were forced to give him up to the Humane Society when we moved to an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. I don’t know if he was adopted out or simply put to sleep. However he was very old and had gone deaf by the time we gave him up, so I am guessing that unfortunately he was put to sleep. Oh well, maybe when I graduate and get a place of my own I’ll get another dog.

Dogs, like clothes, go in fad cycles, so maybe in another 10 years or so I’ll see more Cocker Spaniels in the neighborhood. Until then, I’ll always have my memories of Mike.


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  1. Lauren,

    So sorry about the loss of Mike. I’ve experienced the loss of two childhood pets now, and it never gets easier. If anything, I think it only gets worse because the pain never really goes away entirely. He was a beautiful dog. My first pet was named Sparky and he was a black lab. He lived until he was almost 17! That’s rare for a big dog. I remember I couldn’t even be in the house when he was put to sleep, but he was in pain so it was the best decision for him. The second time, Ziggy, who was a yellow Labradoodle, had some behavioral issues so we had to put him down – that was really tough, and I miss him all the time. About a year later, my family got two black labs, brother from the same litter, and named them Titus and Albus (yes, as in Dumbledore). They’re now almost 3, and I’ve learned to enjoy every moment. Take it easy 🙂

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