How I’m currently in the process of not getting sick

On Monday, I woke up with a sore throat. It wasn’t anything crazy, just that awkward lump that you immediately dread because this could be the beginning of something terrible. I dismissed it. I did not have time to get sick.

On Tuesday, I woke up and my throat was slightly worse. I instantly launched into panic mode and started asking everyone I could text/tweet/email/call/Facebook to share their secrets on avoiding sickness. My boyfriend said zinc pills and wearing so much clothing to bed that you “sweat the bad stuff out.” Another friend swore by EmergenC and tea. Some rando in a class told me to just chug water. My roommate said DayQuil was the only thing that would get me through the day. My mom recommended lots of orange juice and vegetables… but then again I feel like that’s her solution to most things.

I decided to do it all. I spent the rest of Tuesday taking DayQuil every four hours and drinking cups of EmergenC every six. It tasted horrific. When I wasn’t drinking the damn EmergenC crap, I drank water through a straw so I didn’t notice how much I’m ingesting. I made a smoothie in the evening and loaded it with spinach.┬áMy boyfriend called to ask why I didn’t buy zinc pills.

Today, I woke up and my throat didn’t feel any better. I cancelled my work shift and intramural game. I refused to succumb to sickness so I decided to rest. I continued with my regime of DayQuil, EmergenC, tea, water, orange juice, and vegetables. I go to the bathroom at least once every hour. I haven’t left this spot on my couch since 4 p.m, except to pee and eat vegetables and make more tea.

I guess I’m currently still in the process of not getting sick. I’m becoming so desperate, that I’m considering sleeping in my winter coat to “sweat the bad stuff out.” If this sore throat continues, I might even by zinc pills. But I can tell you the one thing I won’t do.

Call UHS.

One thought to “How I’m currently in the process of not getting sick”

  1. I know this comment is late, but for future reference…

    Getting sick sucks, and often the only thing you can do to make it better is the one thing you might not be able to afford: rest. I get sick a LOT over the course of the year, and it always happens when I’m not taking care of myself (aka midterms and finals, the worst time to get sick). Sleep totally goes out the window when I’m studying or writing essays (or blog comments…) and as a result my body just can’t fight off whatever I’ve got. But if you have the opportunity, rest long and often.

    At the point where you’re feeling this crappy, you can’t do much to actually make yourself “better,” all you can do is lessen the symptoms while you wait. Emergen-c and other vitamin sources are to prevent you from getting sick, but once you have a virus you’re pretty screwed. I’d recommend sticking with DayQuil and cough drops to make yourself feel better in the meantime, while the “rando” gave the good advice: drink water. Your body is working hard to fight off whatever you’ve got, so keep it happy. Eat good food, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest (I wouldn’t recommend the “sweating it out” part because the better you sleep, the more it will help). Don’t waste time on the computer, don’t watch TV, just crash.

    I never thought I’d end up giving medical advice for one of my comments, but hope this helps!

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