I just thought I would share some uplifting moments I’ve had with this class even in the last days of stressing about getting the full 2,000 points. First, all of our last minute, somewhat desperate emails have been pretty awesome! I love reading all the creative ways we are getting points and the creative ways we are asking for them… I really enjoy all the advice people are giving and the support we are giving each other.

In the midst of coming up with all the ways I can get points, I can get pretty frustrated. It seems like I should be done with school already or at least that the end should be near, but as I look at the list it just gets overwhelming and feels like the end is way too far away. I had all these things I wanted to do in Ann Arbor before I left that now seem like they are getting cut short because I still have work left. What I’ve realized, though, is that I kind of enjoy that some of the final moments of undergrad are going to be doing the same things that I’ve done for four years – cramming in assignments at the last minute, spending hours and hours and coffee shops, and sitting with friends to keep company while doing work together. I’m trying to savor the moment and ignore the small amount of misery!

Finally, every once in a while, I look up from my computer and laugh. At least three times now, I’ve realized in the middle of writing that I am reflecting on reflecting.. sometimes reflecting on reflecting on reflecting. I just have to laugh. I don’t even realize how silly it kind of is when I do it, but then I announce it to my study partner and I can let go of the frustration and laugh at it all.

I hope you all are getting these small moments of joy when finishing up this semester! Good luck!

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