Pay attention to your monitor


Awww who could resist this face? This is the face that tells you, “It’s just one most video; they’ll be plenty of time to write that paper after.” Of course one cutsy-wutsy puppy video leads to two, and three, ten… and the next thing your know, you’ve wasted half the night watching videos of  puppies howling or kittens demanding attention.   What is it about these cutsy animal videos that always draws us in? Their innocent faces, their eagerness to please, or maybe it’s those eyes… Whatever the reason, I like may other students, find myself almost every night wasting at least a good chunk of study timewatching cute animal videos on Youtube. Some people love to say that Youtube is little more than a place for meme videos or videos of your pets, and now I see why they say that. It astonishes me how addicting these pet videos can really be. But based on the 69 million and counting views on this video, I don’t think I am the only one suffering from this addiction of animal adorableness.  Now you may be wondering: is there a cure for this disease of epic cuteness? After months and months of research, I have found one way to prevent this horrible addiction – X out of your Youtube browser and get on CTools for once!

2 thoughts to “Pay attention to your monitor”

  1. Hi Lauren,
    This post provided a great distraction from my studies this sunday morning. I blocked myself from Facebook this morning so that I would focus on my homework, but I clearly needed an internet distraction to give myself a mental break from physics studying. This was perfect! I loved the videos of puppies and kittens. They reminded me that sometimes we need to take a break, not take ourselves too seriously, and watch a few youtube videos. I’m hoping to apply to vet school next year, so I especially loved this post because it helped me remember my motivations for studying so much. Now back to C-tools!

  2. There is something unique about the distracting abilities of cute puppies/kittens/[insert newborn animal here]. Personally, I enjoy those images, but I don’t get easily distracted by them. I find it interesting that my girlfriend can spend hours looking at cute dogs and cats online. For me, instead, I get distracted by reading news articles or watching video clips. I have a bad habit of having way too many windows open at the same time and just clicking through the tabs full of videos. I’m not really sure how to combat this obsession. Any help would be much appreciated. 🙂

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