The Classic Mac vs. PC Debate

I am sitting here working on Project 3, and I have to say I have had some frustration.  My plan was to make an iMovie of photos with captions from my long form poem from Project 2.  Easier said than done.  The problem is…I am a PC person.

As I look around in most of my classes, there are MacBooks everywhere.  The little white apple with the chunk out of it circles most classrooms I sit in on campus.  There are different colors and different styles and even different models.  The original MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro; so many to choose from.  In the sea of MacBooks, my Sony VAIO stands out.  I love my laptop.  I grew up using a PC, and it is what I am most comfortable with.  When I went to college, all of my friends got MacBooks except for me.  Call me lame, but I love my Sony.

So that brings me to what I was first saying.  iMovie is a struggle for me.  I went to the Fishbowl to work on it, and my pictures would not upload.  So then I trekked all the way back to Hill Street where I live to try a different format.  Back to the Fishbowl and still no success.  I grabbed my friend to help me, and she couldn’t figure it out and she owns a MacBook.  So as much as I love my Sony, I am sitting here wondering if I am missing out on new media outlets that I just am not going to understand right away.  Will I switch to  a Mac for my next laptop?  I couldn’t stand to part with my PC….but Project 3 frustrations have made me think otherwise.

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  1. I’ve had a Macbook since Christmas and thought I was pretty adjusted to it until I started Project III, too, Kate. It was the first time I had worked with iMovie, but I went to two different tutorials (one for this class and one for my French class) and thought I knew what I was doing. However, I had a ton of problems, too. It is so hard to get the clips to the right length and the music to work and so many other little intricacies that you wouldn’t even think of. Getting pictures into iMovie was probably my biggest problem. You have to download the picture, then save it to Pictures, then import it to iPhoto before you can even get to it through iMovie. It was ridiculous and frustrating every time. As much as I love my Mac, Apple needs to work on making their applications a lot more user-friendly. Luckily my project is finally done, but if you need any help let me know!

  2. Non-Mac users unite! We are certainly members of the rare group of non-Mac users in our class, and I, too, have noticed the ring of glowing apples that surrounds us. I have an HP laptop, and aside from the chunky battery I had to buy to improve the battery life, I am pretty happy with it. My parents are computer people and therefore praise the PC gods (and hate on Apple). There was no question that my laptop would be a PC.

    As the only one of my friends without a Mac (or an iPhone, for that matter) I have realized that my gadgets are not much different when it comes to functionality. Sure, my texts show up as green (gasp!) and my laptop doesn’t advertise that cute little apple to the world, but my phone and computer do all of the things that Apple products do. And they were probably half the price, too.

    I think that owning Apple products has become somewhat of a fad, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people who own these things–whether it be iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks–tend to have an elitist mentality. I will admit that Apple has done an incredible job marketing their products, but it’s not like they are the ultimate standard of excellence. A lot of Android phones can actually do more things, and anyone who uses a computer for more than just going online and typing papers probably prefers dealing with Windows.

    But I have to admit…I still want an iPhone.

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