To the ‘Ship!

Melissa’s recent post got me thinking.  After last night’s win against Syracuse, my friends and I decided that we absolutely HAD to go to Atlanta to watch our team play in the National Championship.  Ten minutes after the game was over, we bought tickets and decided we were leaving at 5 AM the next day.  We were crazy not to take this opportunity that only comes around once in a lifetime.  We are young, in college, and have nothing holding us back from driving 11 hours to Atlanta and having a blast at the game.  We celebrated and then went to bed ready to get up and go.

This morning, we started reading the fine print about how we were going to pick up our tickets once we got to Georgia and figuring out logistics.  Sadly, we read the last sentence in a paragraph at the bottom of the web page saying we needed the credit card we bought the tickets with to pick them up.  That card is in Connecticut with my friend’s dad.  Oh no.  We spent the next hour desperately pleading with the people on the customer service line.  We could present a credit card with the same last name and a license with the same billing address that the credit card we used to purchase the tickets has.  That didn’t matter.  We NEEDED that card.  The Ticket Liquidator customer service guy crushed our dreams of potentially celebrating a National Championship in Atlanta.  Thanks a lot, dude.

We tried to make ourselves feel better by saying that we should probably stay here anyways and not get behind in school at the end of the semester, and we shouldn’t miss our classes.  Then, my classes for Monday were all cancelled.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS.  I was feeling sad that we aren’t going anymore, but then I realized something pretty great.  We will be in Ann Arbor, which actually might beat being in Atlanta.  We are going to be surrounded by all Michigan fans and if we win, I can’t think of a better place to be than South U or Charley’s or Pizza House.

It’s funny how things like what I just explained happen, and your plan can completely change in a second.  Either way, I am unbelievably excited to watch the game tomorrow, and plan on enjoying every second of it.


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