Why I Don’t Write

As a brief disclaimer, I’d like to make it clear that I love to write. I love stringing together sentences, playing with word sequences, and sharing my ideas on paper. Yet, I find that college writing isn’t nearly as satisfying as recreational writing. Upon entering college, I joined a world dictated by guidelines and grades. When I sit down to write a paper, instead of brainstorming ideas, I find that my mind drifts off, filled with all the other things I could be doing. So, instead of writing another cookie-cutter essay, here are the top three reasons why I don’t write:

1. I Eat. Eating is more than just a process to reenergize your body. Eating is fun, social, and exciting. Why would I isolate myself in front of a blank word document when I could surround myself with friends and family at the dinner table? Why would I spend time building sentences, when I could be building an epic sandwich? Why would I attempt to prove a thesis when I could attempt to prove that I can, in fact, shove 5 marshmallows in mouth? Mealtime is my time to sit back, relax, and enjoy good food and great friends. I will never sacrifice a pastry for a paper. Just some food for thought.

2. I sing. I don’t sing professionally, with a group, or even well, for that matter. I sing because I like it. I sing in the car, in my room, with my friends, and obviously in the shower. The best part (and most distracting part) about living with friends is that it’s always okay to be goofy. I often sit down to start an essay and somehow end up standing on a chair belting out the words of my assignment prompt to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”

3. I explore. I’m no couch potato. Besides my occasional lazy-sundays spent watching movies on ABC family, I’m typically out and about, taking advantage of the daylight. Writing is a stationary activity. Sometimes I rather walk, or run, or jump on a trampoline, or choreograph a dance to a Hilary Duff song.

All jokes aside, writing is an essential part of today’s society. It’s the best medium to share ideas, stories, and information. Words rekindle friendships, educate the public, and ignite revolutions. While eating, singing, and even exploring will maintain their importance in my life,I plan to continue writing in hopes that my words will someday influence, move, persuade and inspire. I don’t always want to write, but I will always be a writer.

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