Welcome To The Wild Wood

Welcome to my website – Wild Wood. Here you will find many fantastical creatures, adventure, and maybe catch a glimpse or two of the Empress of the Wild Wood herself…


This is a private website, so if you want access please email me at flauren@umich.edu, and I will invite you to the site. Also, one page on the website is password protected, email me and I will give you the password and invite.

Happy Summer,

Lauren Fairnot (or as I am known in Wild Wood, Empress Ozana of the Wild Wood)


The Final e-Portfolio

Of course I was going to use a Disney gif, guys – you know how much time I spent working on my Disney projects, right?

Here’s the handy-dandy link to my e-Portfolio, “A Collection of Musings!”  Of course, you’ll find other projects besides Disney, but I’ve chosen to include pieces that match with the work I did this year.  I’m proud of how it turned out, and I think it looks great.