Analysis of My Writing Style

I analyzed a response paper I wrote for a Spring 2013 Communications class, where the prompt was to reflect on the week’s assigned readings.  Even though it was a personal response paper, where it was acceptable to use the first-person pronoun, most of the paper was written from the third-person point of view with a formal tone.  I am not surprised that I took this approach in a response paper because I tend to err on the side of caution to make sure that my writing is appropriate for the situation or audience.

My “go-to” sentence shape in this paper appeared to be the Periodic Sentence.  I found that I added many modifiers before arriving at the main clause of many of my sentences.  At the time, I believed building long wordy sentences would make me sound intelligent.  But, looking back, this style just makes the paper difficult to follow.

Furthermore, many of my sentences began with either “However” or “Rather.”  I found that about half the sentences I wrote were actually just fluff leading up to my main point in the second sentence.  Once again, I used far too many words to discuss a single idea, making the paper hard to read.

In the future I hope to strive for greater clarity in my writing.  I will use this analysis of my writing style to become more aware of my sentence shapes and the effect my style choices might have on my reader.

One thought to “Analysis of My Writing Style”

  1. After reading your blog post I was amazed at how similar our thoughts on style are. Just like you, I tend to write in a formal tone, create complicated sentences, and noticed words like “however” throughout my paper. I always fear using first person in my essays because I was taught not to from a young age. These traits seem to be very common, and I wonder if it’s a result of having written an overwhelming amount of academic essays. This style is so natural to me now that it’s hard to switch to anything else. You also make a really important realization about overly complicated and wordy sentences. For me, the more complicated the idea, the more complicated my sentences tend to be. Just as you said, I hope to strive for greater clarity when writing about not so simple or clear topics!

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