Andrew Sullivan, “Why I Blog” Response

There are two parts of Sullivan’s piece that I found interesting, thought provoking and significant. The first was his description of blogging as a technological medium. He claims that blogging is a “form of instant and global self-publishing.” He describes it as “spontaneous,” “multiplying” and “instant.” Sullivan painted a new and clear picture in my mind of what blogging truly is. Because of Sullivan, I now see blogging as similar to, for instance, outer space: a place without margins, a place with no end, a place where every word and thought is linked to every other word and thought, and a place where writers join together in a community to share in the experience. Blogging can not only be seen as a technological advancement, but also as an advancement to the field of writing.


            The second idea I found truly interesting was Sullivan’s description of reading a blog as the opposite of reading a book. He claims that reading someone’s blog is like trying to piece together a narrative or a story that was never intended to be one. In this way, he claims that blog posts are more truthful than books. In reflecting upon my past experiences with writing narrative pieces versus writing blogs, I definitely agree with Sullivan. When I write blogs, I am more open with my reader. I allow the words to flow, and I write what is on my mind. On the other hand, with a narrative piece, I am more deliberate and cautious with my words. Sullivan makes an interesting point that the reader of a blog knows how the “story” ends before the writer does. When we allow our writing to take whatever turns it wants to take, and to flow naturally, we as writers sometimes do not know where our writing will go, even if our reader does.

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