As a college student, my hardest task is not completing an assignment, reading 100 pages a night, or even studying for my most difficult final exam. Instead, I require strength of unimaginable proportions to break my habitual routine of:

*open planner*

*check Facebook and hope moms haven’t infiltrated it to the extremes today*

*read three new tweets since last time I refreshed (ONE DIRECTIONNNN, MILEYYYY, SPORTSSSSSS)*

*refresh again just in case*

*get book out of backpack*

*glance at yet another Instagram of the Law Library*

*sigh while signing into my email after I’ve already entered my email & password to get access to UMWireless*

*wonder why MWireless is even a thing*

*delete 3 “nnto: selling Akron ticket!”*

*open book and proceed to read the first three sentences*

*check phone for text messages*

*find no new messages*

*open Buzzfeed because 90s fashion reviews will probably make me feel better about having no friends*

*freak out because stress*

*highlight random sentences in text book that seem important*

*check backpack for snacks*

*google “mono symptoms” because I’m always tired*


The sad truth is that none of my distractions provide me with any skills, knowledge, or information that is in any way relevant to my life or to the life of any remotely successful human being. Having 238 photos pinned on my “Cute Cats” board on Pinterest is not productive. I am also not proud that my tweets/day ratio averages at over 5:1. Therefore, I took the initiative to find a distraction that actually contains meaning and provides inspiration.


This blog embodies the life of a college student and is incredibly relatable to my stressful lifestyle full of uncertainty. It radiates optimism and provides excellent advice. TheBucketListBlog makes me ponder my goals on grander scale than a potential career. I felt mentally refreshed after reading a few posts. This blog is great because it provides me with exactly the opposite of the rest of my meaningless internet meandering. Who knew that reading a blog could be more inspiring than spending 17 minutes scanning www.brainyquote.com/motivation because you wanted your twitter followers to ponder something more than your love of cheese today?

Hopefully I can find the power somewhere to trade some of my obsessive social media stalking with discovering blogs of substance. Maybe I will be able to finish some homework, too.


3 thoughts to “B.L.O.G.”

  1. After reading your post, I actually checked out the blog and there were people so much more productive on it that, if anything, it was a kick to get myself back in line.
    I always have great aspirations for myself, an then modern technology intervenes and I’m 3 hours short. This blog, about people who figure out how to motivate themselves and how to stay on task, was a reminder how important it actually is to maintain good self discipline.

    One other thing that struck me was that the site is called the Bucket List, but one blogger decided to explain their Gratitude List. This was a really interesting point and something that I think I can learn from. Sometimes we’re so focused on everything that we haven’t done that we forget about all the amazing things we’ve been lucky enough to participate in. I know I’m always looking at the future, the next step, but I think that this blogger hit the nail on the head when they mentioned the importance of the past in evaluating the future.

  2. I might be laughing out loud in my Econ class right now.

    Also, we might have the same study habits. Several things I need to say:

    1. M Wireless should really go. I log into my email and our wireless network easily ten times a day. My password is thirteen characters long, and I’ve thought about how much time I spend typing it a day/week/month/year more than once.

    2. Moms on Facebook.

    3. Mono tops the laundry list of diseases I WebMD for self-diagnosis each day I make an attempt to study.

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