Capstone Project Ideas

I’m brainstorming ideas for the Writing 400 Capstone project and would welcome any and all feedback! Below are my two main ideas:

Idea 1: Proposal for an Online Magazine

I’ve always been interested in magazine journalism.  In one of my previous Communications classes, I had the opportunity to briefly create and design a magazine cover for a magazine I would want to one day bring to life.  I’m looking to expand this idea for my capstone project and really get down to the nitty gritty of what this magazine would look like if it were to become a reality in terms of content, style, layout, target audience and marketing and promotion techniques.

The magazine that I “created” for my previous class was called “Bling on a Budget” and the magazine provided the latest accessory trends and how to pair accessories with various outfits for college girls shopping on a budget.  I’m looking to recreate this idea and turn the magazine into a more general budget-related magazine for college girls on U of M’s campus.  The topics/features of the magazine would not only be centered around fashion/accessories on a budget but I’d like to include practicality sections such as controlling/managing finances, eating healthy but cheaply on a budget, going out but still keeping your budgets in mind, etc.

I still have to figure out the logistics, but each issue would have a special feature, which would be budget related, but timely. For example, a December edition would have a feature on holiday shopping on a budget.  I want this magazine to be fun yet informative and realistic.  I hope that students can learn useful tips and tricks for managing their money in a variety of ways because that’s something every college student can benefit from.

Idea #2: Collection of Personal Anecdotes 

The other idea I was toying with was to create a series of fun and lighthearted personal anecdotes that describe my journey to becoming a writer.  I’m not entirely sure how I would go about this but it would be a series of personal reflections from situations I’ve found myself in that relate to my passion for writing.  I’m concerned this project would be too self-centered, so I would want to incorporate a lesson or piece of advice in every story that others can hopefully relate to and appreciate.




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