Capstone Project Ideas

Idea 1: Fashion blog

I want to create a fashion blog geared towards students and recent graduates, and audience to which thousand dollar pairs of shoes are neither practical nor attainable.  I love fashion and beautiful clothes, but I always find it slightly entertaining (laughable?) when bloggers present themselves as wearing five-inch heels to go to the grocery store.

Though I still need to flesh out this idea, this project would be a fashion blog (or a fake fashion blog) focused on practical and attainable clothing.  At the same time, it would comment on this culture of the fashion world as it is presented in blogs and the media.  This project would be slightly journalistic, though written in the tone of a typical blog.  Models that I may look to include: the Man Repeller (, the Cut (, Cupcakes and Cashmere (, and Atlantic Pacific (


Idea 2: Cheryl Strayed-Like Narrative

Again, I still need to think this through, but I think it would be interesting to write a personal narrative in the tone of Cheryl Strayed.  To pull this I would have to focus on a particular moment or series of moments in my life that are interconnected, perhaps different experiences I have had during college.  Like Strayed does, I would tell there stores “in the moment,” but I would offer up reflection, making it clear that I am looking back on a certain experience.  This essay would be creative non-fiction and geared towards people who have had their own college experiences.

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