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My favorite thing about blogs is that they give you a glimpse of someone else’s life, whether it’s through words, photos, art, videos, etc. Even the style and the structure of the blogs themselves provide insight into someone’s character. I tend to be drawn to blogs that are very personal and thought-provoking; these qualities help me find inspiration for my own work/life and build a connection.

One of my favorite bloggers is Kandee Johnson. She runs two blogs, kandeeland, which focuses on her daily life, and KandeeJ, which focuses on beauty and fashion blog. She also has a YouTube channel on which she posts videos of her discussing similar topics. What is really inspiring about Kandee is her genuine personality and story. She is a celebrity make-up artist and stylist, but she is also a single mother of four children. Her positivity is apparent in every single post and it is incredibly easy to connect with her bubbly personality. On KandeeJ, the one I mainly follow, she reviews makeup products, posts outfit of the day photographs, teaches unique Do-It-Yourself projects, and so much more. I find these posts to be extremely helpful because I love to express myself creatively through art and fashion and her ideas provide a lot of inspiration. Hopefully, someone else will find this blog to be intriguing as well!

In between the more superficial subjects of makeup and clothes, she posts recipes, stories about her children, and about the things that matter to her. Awhile ago, she lost her father and it was a really emotional time for her, but she was not afraid to talk about it to her readers and viewers. Her words made me feel the sorrow and grief she was experiencing. I really appreciate that even though her passion is beauty and fashion, she does not lose sight of what is truly important (family, being a good person, how to stay positive, etc.).

Here is a video of hers where she combines makeup and family; it’s really adorable!
Not my boyfriend, but my son does My Make-Up

Another favorite blog of mine is TheBucketListBlog by Alex, a student from the University of Texas. His blog focuses on moving forward and getting the best out of life. His ideas are very creative and original. For example, his most recent post was about using a jar of marbles as a visual reminder to invest time in the places that matter. He uses marbles to measure his days and encourage curiosity.

My favorite post of his is the one on gratitude. He seeks happiness by “looking at the world with a new pair of eyes and concentrating on things that already bring happiness”. He included an excerpt of a list he keeps of the things he is grateful for. I was really drawn to this particular post because I keep a similar list of “things to be happy about.” He gave me really good ideas for my own list and made me consider things that I had never noticed or thought about before. I find his blog extremely easy to follow and to relate to. I believe a lot of college students would identify with his goals and emotions that are drawn from his period in life as a young adult.

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