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HerCampus is a nationwide organization made to be “A Collegiette’s Guide to Life.” The organization prides itself on being the #1 online community for college women, and features content on style, beauty, health, love, life and more. HerCampus offers daily email newsletters, giveaways, surveys, but most importantly, a blogger network. Each university that HerCampus affiliates with has its own blogger network. I believe the University of Michigan HerCampus blog is one our class would thoroughly enjoy reading for many reasons. To start, HerCampus as an organization in general has a very meaningful purpose: to “cultivate an interactive community of female college students and serve their unique set of needs.” Being a female college student can get tricky and confusing, whether we are making new friends, maintaining a social life, facing the challenges of a love life, etc. I believe the University of Michigan HerCampus blog in particular creates a friendly community for female students to express themselves about “the little things in life,” and to interact with females similar to themselves.

For example, one recent blog post/article outlines nearby places on campus where girls can purchase stylish Michigan apparel, while another touches upon new trends for the fall season. Fashion is an important aspect of every girl’s life, especially on a college campus. Lecture halls are filled with over 200 people at once, and students get dressed up for fancy or even themed parties two to three times per weekend. Fashion is a girl’s way of expressing herself and feeling confident around her peers, and HerCampus creates a virtual place for girls to do so. Another recent article entitled “Back to School Blues” gives tips, from a girl’s point of view, on how to transition back into classes and work after coming off of such a long, relaxing summer. Readers are told to stay organized, to exercise, and to get enough sleep. This article attempts to mitigate the stress that comes along with girl’s academic life, comforting them with an article written by those feeling the exact same way.

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Stylistically, the tone of the articles on the HerCampus blog post is both humorous and witty. My sorority sister (and best friend) once wrote a blog post for HerCampus entitled “9 Years to End Freshman Year with a Bang.” The article was broken down into categories including: “Break Into the Big House” and “Raid the Markley Hideaway.” The category titles were exaggerated and funny, as was the tone of the article. “Between the greatness that is the sweet potato fries, or the cartons of Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream, pile one of each food at the counter, check off every box of the order sheet, and sample everything you never had the chance to!” she writes. The HerCampus blog post articles are simply enjoyable to read.

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  1. I love HerCampus! A few of my friends write for this blog so it is always fun to see what they say. My favorite part about the blog is the nightly “study break” email they send, which I find super helpful when I need to take a moment away from doing research and studying. All of their giveaways are fun and I loved the Michigan Apparel post too.

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