Hopping on the bloggers bandwagon

So, I am not a huge media person, and have therefore never taken much interest in blogging. I am quite a private person about most things. I don’t like sharing my day to day activities or who I am dating on the internet. Even when there is a death in the family, I steer away from all social media and keep my feelings to myself and am confused when others can be so open. And thus, this assignment was quite difficult for me. However, I have a great passion for travel and adventure. Nothing thrills me more than dreaming of traveling and exploring other worlds.

About 10 years ago, I met an older second cousin of mine who shared this same passion. He was first beginning his traveling through a backpacking experience after his junior year of college. From these travels, he developed such a love for the world outside of his small northern Michigan town that he abandoned his degree in engineering and moved to Chile to teach English to small town’s elementary school. As I said, I don’t follow many blogs, but I can tell you that when I do skim over everything he does, I am astounded and inspired by someone who took so many risks and followed his dreams. There are two links at the bottom that expand over many years (the second is the most current).  I encourage anyone who is feeling stuck with whatever future they think they have all set out for themselves. He is a truly incredible person.

He also has a ton of cool picture that I promise will make you want to be there.





Also, if anyone else isn’t inspired enough to travel, here’s something cool to watch



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