Humans of New York

I really don’t follow one particular blog — or any blog for that matter — so when I sat down to write this post I felt a bit lost. Soo should I google “cool blogs”… or…? I decided against that one. Anything appearing under a “cool blog” search is probably not a cool blog. I racked my brain for a couple more minutes and finally remembered a link I’d seen on Facebook a while back: Humans of New York

From my non-blog-following-perspective, Humans of New York is everything an awesome blog should be. It started in 2010 when University of Georgia graduate Brandon Stanton began photographing people on the streets of New York in the hopes of creating a photographic census. But as he explains in the “About” section, “somewhere along the way, HONY began to take on a much different character.” Now, his blog consists not just of photos, but of quotes and stories to give a glimpse into the lives of each human.

Humans of New York is simple, inspiring, sad, beautiful, funny, and often quite surprising. It compiles the lives of children, teenagers, men, and women at all different stages of life. There are businessmen, immigrants, artists, students, friends, and couples to name a few. It makes you realize that nobody is average, normal, or unimportant. It makes you think, smile, laugh, appreciate, and learn from surprising sources. It leaves you with a sense of community and connectivity to people you have never met and most likely will never meet. It is an awesome blog.

Plus, Brandon looks like a pretty fun guy.


3 thoughts to “Humans of New York”

  1. This sounds like a pretty awesome blog. And I totally agree that Brandon looks like a fun guy.

    It seems like a cool blog which is probably because you didn’t find it on a google search of cool blogs.

    I’m really interested in your statement that it makes you realize “nobody is average, normal, or unimportant.” This is really powerful. I’m not sure where you plan to go with blogging or if this course demands any more free style work and I know we have pretty different styles when it comes to writing, BUT this statement you made really resonates with me and I think maybe it comes straight from some feelings you had while reading the blog. You should develop this more. Maybe think about it while we do the repurposing essay. Is there some way you could incorporate your feelings about nobody being average, normal, or unimportant? Just a thought. It seems too powerful to let go in my opinion.

  2. I love Humans of New York and I’m really happy you posted about it! I think something that probably turns people off to blogs is how narrow the focus can be (just out of the nature of writing intimately about one subject, I guess) but Humans of New York is a blog I can’t imagine anyone denying the power of Brandon’s interviews.
    Also just want to share that there’s a Humans of Ann Arbor, too, only on Facebook- It reminds me that there’s so much more to this city than just the students on campus and so much more to explore beyond the Diag.

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