I am a Feminist. Not crazy. Check out this Blog.

First of all, here’s the link to the blog I’m promoting in this post: http://www.the-broad-side.com

I am not a blogger; I do not follow any blogs; and honestly I find even doing these blog posts confusing and sometimes annoying. However, while attempting to locate a blog to share with you all, which was made quite easy by the wonderful Google blogs site, I came across a blog containing everything I’m increasingly passionate about lately.

Now, I am not a crazy, anti-shaving, anti-men, anti-bra woman. I’m actually quite fond of all three of those things. But lately I have come to realize that being a feminist doesn’t have to do with any of the stereotypical things I thought it did. I shave my legs, I respect men, and I do wear bras. However, I do think that being proud to be a woman and being proud to have my own opinion is something that shouldn’t be surprising to people. I hope to one day empower young girls to be confident in their own self-image and to be proud of being a woman.

The Broad Side’s slogan is “Real Women. Real Opinions.” I haven’t read through too many of their posts, but from what I have read, I think this blog would be really essential in empowering woman and girls to be critical thinkers of political and social issues of this day and age. The first article I saw was on the surface about the lovely Miley Cyrus and her twerking expo at the VMA’s, but as I kept reading, it was actually about how Miley was getting all the crap while Robin Thick wasn’t being slandered at all. Now what’s up with that? Anybody actually seen his video? Miley wasn’t doing anything that Robin Thick wasn’t having his video girls doing. Check out the blog… check out this post specifically for more about that.

It’s not an anti-men blog. I can’t say with 100% confidence, but I’m guessing most of the bloggers on this site shave their legs. And while they probably aren’t at the time of blogging, since who does at home anyways, they probably all wear bras, too.

For anybody who would like a short intro to just one of the many feminist arguments to see if it might be worth looking into more, or for anybody who just loves darn cute kids, check out Riley on Marketing because Riley is so awesome.

Disclaimer: Riley on Marketing is a YouTube video that was shared in my Women’s Studies 220 class on September 18th. It is a public video posted by dbarry1917 on YouTube. I did not create it, I’m just sharing for your viewing pleasure.

3 thoughts to “I am a Feminist. Not crazy. Check out this Blog.”

  1. I just checked out a few posts on this blog and I actually really enjoy (thought I’m not much a feminist either) it!

    I don’t know if you’ve read this one, but I was really surprised by the post that defended “Sexy Selfies.” I thought she would talk about how girls didn’t need to dress a certain way or adopt certain qualities/behaviors to be viewed as “sexy,” but she actually talked about how girls who post sexy selfies are doing nothing wrong and are only getting to know their sexual power. I like her point on how selfies are just a part of a process girls go through as they grow up because prior to reading to this post, I admit, I always judged girls who posted selfies on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Before this assignment I too was in the category of someone who didn’t read or follow blogs. I honestly thought of them as a published diary pretty much. This blog in particular made me realize that blogs are much more than that, and can be used in so many different ways. I thought about this blog being used in schools, in particular classes like Health and D.A.R.E as a supplement to textbooks and articles. I love that blogs have the ability to constantly be updated with new, relevant examples like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

    It’s sad to think how skewed our perception of the word “feminist” has become — you’re not alone in first thinking of, “anti-shaving, anti-men, anti-bra woman”. Hopefully blogs like this can help to decrease the stereotypes of feminism and get every day women thinking about female empowerment.

  3. I really liked this blog! The contributors do a great job of covering all sides of what it means to be empowered as a woman, like with this post (http://www.the-broad-side.com/i-opted-out) from a woman who became a stay-at-home mom rather than entering the workforce. It stuck out to me because it’s from the view of a confident, empowered woman who is definitely not a stereotypical “anti-shaving, anti-men, anti-bra” feminist. It’s refreshing to see all these different opinions in one place, thanks for sharing!

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