I’ll Repurpose This: You Don’t Go, Girl!

The paper I am going to repurpose was called, Throwing Like a Girl in 2012 and I originally wrote it for my political science class. In the paper, I told the story of a young girl in a small town that joined the football team. I wrote about the challenges she faced going against a social norm and the ridicule faced from society and her teammates. Especially for the assignment, I wrote about how the dis-encouragement to work hard from her teammates hinders her success particularly for being a girl in a man’s sport.

I want to repurpose this paper because I see a lot of potential to do something else with it than when it was assigned. I have learned so much about females breaking down barriers and how what I have come to know about women in business, the home and sports is now impacting me growing up. My idea to repurpose this paper is to actually turn the story personal.

My current paper has no voice of my own in it. It simply summarizes the New York Times article on the girl and includes to political science theory about the effects of discrimination on female development.  My repurposing idea is to turn this into more of my own story about being a female in the 21st century. In a reflective, longer, Internet savvy kind of perspective, I want to write about how I grew up playing with the boys. My friends and I had no fear of playing rugby at recess or playing girls versus boys varsity soccer in high school. Instead, my own dis-encouragement has come along in college when I’ve taken classes about females in sports and economics and seen the numbers that are standing in my way. My specific example is from my gender and econ class where we learned that the payoff for extra education for women actually does not have the expected payoff—a huge dis-encouragement for a student in college!!

Basically, I want to turn this objective paper into a personal one and maybe find my own encouragement to get through the disincentives to succeed and break through, just like the little girl football player.

Jessica Golden

My name is Jessica Golden and I am an East Coast girl currently stuck in the snowy Midwest at the University of Michigan. I am now a student at Michigan due to tearing my ACL the week before my soccer recruitment and picking a college at whim, but so far it has worked out. I have two older sisters who live in New York City just like I plan too. Living on Long Island for my whole life has been like a bubble, and with no broken bones, no pets and no walks down a red carpet, I definitely feel ready to be a sponge, soak up life and do whatever comes along. Although I have never experienced typical things, like learning to ride a bike or attend sleep away camp, I enjoy finding the weird things in my life and embracing it all. I have lived in a hotel for 7 months (which is nothing like TV makes it seem), am on a quest to spend a day in all 50 states (current count is 26) and managed to sprain my ankle while climbing the Vatican in Rome. While my world is slowly expanding in Ann Arbor, my eyes are still set on returning to the big apple one day and changing the world (for the better) one lawsuit or public policy at a time!

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  1. FYI: I think I am changing this a bit, I think instead I am going to interpret how I thought of these statistics I’ve learned in college and then speak to different “powerful” and then not as powerful college girls on campus and tell them data I’ve learned and see how they feel, if they are motivated to overcome the doubts or are let down and discouraged — if that makes sense lol

  2. I think this could be a really neat project. The concept is fascinating, and there’s probably a lot of “big data” out there on this subject. I watched a news special about a female LSU student who tried out for their football team as a placekicker; it was really interesting. With your proposal of adding voice and a little more personality, it sounds like this project could be awesome.

  3. I definitely like how you plan to make this more personal, but at the same time seek out the opinions of others. I think your own experiences will be really relevant and make the essay relatable to a larger audience. I also liked the question, “What struggles do college girls face and are they similar to those of the seven year old?” On a more personal aspect, “What conclusion have you come to about your own identity as a girl and how have the people you interviewed changed that?” So far, I think this is a great idea that has a lot of room for research and personal input! Great job!

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