Make My Writing Become Real

I write about reflection and introspection. I go on for paragraphs and paragraphs on stopping to take time for the world around me, to realize what is important and to realize that time is a precious commodity.

Then I rush off to the next presentation, take notes on the next company before running off to the next meeting. There’s no stop in my life, there’s no moment where I can take a breath and say, “Let me think.” If I want to do that reflection I need the time in the day, but my calendar is filled with barely five minutes in between. How do you do reflection when you have no time?

Writing for me, at times, is a hope for things that I haven’t been able to do. A fantasy world where I know what is truly important and have it all figured out. Or at least that’s what I thought. Now, it’s turning into more of a to-do list for the future that would make my life great if I had the time for it. But maybe that’s all it can be right now and that’s fine. Maybe awareness is the first step and when that awareness becomes great enough, time will open up in my schedule and my business career will learn how to share.

In a world that is fast paced and rewards staying on your toes 24 hours a day, I’m flying by with my toes barely touching the ground. When I get a moment, I stop and write what I wish could happen, and maybe that’s close enough for now. At least some part of me is thinking about if, even if unconsciously, and maybe sometime soon, I’ll be able to turn my writing into a reality.

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