Mashable: A blog to follow




Today’s generation is obsessed with up to the minute news.  Teenagers and adults alike want to know what is happening in pop culture, world news, politics,  and just about everything in between.  Mashable is a news website, and social media and technology blog that provides its followers with constant updates on everything from entertainment to business, from the latest technological advancements to the latest memes.  Nowadays, people surf from website to website to find their news and updates.  Mashable stores all of that information in one convenient, easy to navigate location.  By just quickly scrolling down the home page, I can see a story about dental cavities and their relationship to cancer, another about a 3-D printed gun, and one more displaying the ten best spoofs of Miley Cyrus’s latest ridiculous music video.  The range of information offered on Mashable is quite incredible, which is why it is a site I visit just about every day.  Whether I want some noteworthy news  or just a quick laugh, I know that I can turn to this blog for either one.

The reason I think that this blog would be interesting for this class is that we are all so similar and different at the same time.  Most of us a different majors and different interests; therefore it is likely we seek out different news from different outlets.  Mashable’s versatility ensures that every student in this course would find something to read and enjoy, very easily.  Our similarities come into play when thinking about our age and going back to this generation’s need for news at all times.  Mashable articles are tweeted every every minute, which is why it boasts twenty million followers every month.  It is a phenomenal outlet for receiving news as soon as it breaks.  Mashable is not the most complex blog in the world, and that is why I like it so much.  It is easy for anyone to follow, and I think most students in this class would enjoy scrolling through the massive array of articles.

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