Music Festivals… Overrated?

The Rock it Out! Blog or rather vlog (video blog) consists of videos discussing artists, concerts, and new music. Whether they are interviewing artists or talking about a recently released song/album, the RiO! Blog is a perfect for those who enjoy hearing about a variety of musicians. Though the audience can range, I would assume that the majority of those who follow this blog would be teenagers or young adults.

In the vlog that I recently watched, the discussion of whether music festivals were overrated was brought up. Specifically, lollapalooza. From their discussion, it really seemed to be up in the air of what they thought. In some ways Lolla is far from overrated, but when it comes to the layout and crowd that Lolla has recently been drawing in, then some would argue yes.

Lolla has become a very commercialized festival where many people go to just…go. That being said, I truly believe that there are true festival go-ers that attend to see the bands they love. But unfortunately, for the most part it,  it seems to be another “scene” where people congregate to just to be seen. Lolla almost reminds me of the highly attended Scorekeepers (skeeps) or Ricks bar scene, which university students are very familiar with.

Though it might seem like I am a hater towards the festival, Lolla does bring in amazing line-ups year after year. Tickets may be pricey but when one takes into consideration the ability to see multiple bands over a variety of genres all at once, one really does save a lot of money.

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  1. The fact that you talk about a vlog rather than a blog is pretty cool! I watch a lot of more informal vlogs on Youtube, do you think there’s any difference between a standalone site for video blogging and vlogging on Youtube? I would think that they’re pretty similar but maybe that Youtube vlogging is more personal than a specific vlog that discusses certain things like music.

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