My friend Nic

To be completely honest, sometimes I spend my Sunday afternoons surfing the web on various tumblr’s. I particularly enjoy flipping through the ones that have pictures of the landscape in Colorado, pictures of fishing and beagles. I must admit, it’s uncharacteristically hipster of me to take part in this sort of tumbl-ing(?). So why do I do it? I use it as an avenue into a different world. A world in the Rocky Mountains that I don’t live in, a world where it is okay just to sit around, drink an iced coffee and read. Note however, that this sort of blogging takes place only in the form of pictures. My first “real-blogging” experience took place last year at the beginning of the winter semester.

One of my best friends, Nic Guerriero, decided to embark on a four month long journey around the world. In these four months, he would travel to 16 cities in 14 countries via a University of Virginia program called Semester at Sea. When I first heard the news about his decision to go abroad, at first I was happy for him to be gaining some of the greatest experiences. And then I was jealous, jealous that i wasn’t spending my semester on a cruise ship traveling the world. Then at last, I was sad that I wouldn’t see my close friend for a third of the year.

He blogged though.

All of the countries that he visited, every excursion he took part in, he wrote about every travel on his blog, and I was able to follow it. My friend Nic has a very particular sarcasm, and his humor is what makes hanging out with him worthwhile. In all of his blog posts, his humor is clearly evident in his writing style, and the outrageous stories that he has to tell on the blog. Even though his Semester at Sea is over, it was an enjoyable time for me to immerse myself in the club life of Tokyo, the tropical paradise that is Mauritius, and the breathtaking views on the cape of South Africa.

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