My Style

I reviewed one of my favorite papers that I wrote last year analyzing a societal concept relating to the American South. The class revolved around many stereotypes of the south and ways that these stereotypes have either stayed the same or developed and changed over time. The topic I chose to write about was the black and white relationships of men and women defined in television and cinema; I chose a new show called Heart of Dixie. In my paper I immediately noticed that my topic sentence was a little to open ended and was not centralized around what I really wanted to say. Although my intro paragraph did touch on what I would discuss, I can see that I tend to add a little too much fluff in my sentences. I think in general throughout the paper, I made sentences and ideas stretch for longer because I enjoyed the way that the sentence sounded rather than deciding if all those words were necessary.

I think my style of writing revolves around a very figurative and concrete way of approaching an idea. I like to create concrete images in my readers mind so they can understand and see what I am seeing. I think if I added a little more abstract ┬áto my writing, I could really enhance my writing. I like words that elicit a feeling like “swooning” or “redolent” because when I reread my writing, I can tell what I was feeling as I wrote it.

In terms of “my go to sentence” I can see that I use revolved something around “this allows the viewer” or “this permits the reader”. I try to stem away from my own opinions and it appears this is my main way of articulating my own opinion without using the first person. It can get quite repetitive I have noticed, however.

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