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Working with editing in most of my jobs, I have spent a lot of time looking at writing style–but never my own. I always found it difficult to separate my objective mind about style from the sounds and images running through my head. However, reading this article and going back to a paper that I did quite some time ago, allowed me to separate from the personal and analyze.

Within my scholarly writing, I realized that my biggest go-to is prepositions and transitional phrases to fill in space and make the sentence roll off the tongue. See there, I just used “within” to start my sentence. This tends to make my sentences have less meaning for the amount of words they contain. The sentence shape I usually go for contains two or more clauses, always contains a comma and usually could be more broken up. I think the way that I think is in clauses, rather than sentences, so I tend to place them together or separate them in ways that wouldn’t make as much sense to other writers/readers.

A large tendency that I need to break in creative writing is writing from the personal, “I” point of view. I have done exercises attempting to change the perspective and get me out of myself, but I write best when I feel like I am the character that is experiencing what I am writing about. It’s easier to portray feelings, memories, details…it’s the safe way out.

Similarly, for diction, I tend to use a frivolous amount of adjectives. I have always loved when I am reading and I can see the image exactly in my head or feel as if I am experiencing the story for myself. Additionally, I really get caught up in the sound and combination of words, not necessarily the clarity.

These are all elements of my writing that I would like to work on and can analyze after reading these chapters.

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  1. The realization you came to about how you have invested so much time into editing other people’s work but have never taken a look at your own work/style is really interesting. In my opinion, taking a look at your own style of writing is really important, especially if your job is to understand other’s writing styles.

    I can truly relate to your “overuse” of prepositions. Sometimes we search for words to fill space when in reality, less is more. It is often more meaningful to avoid sounding long-winded and get straight to the point, than it is to write a long, lengthy sentence that “sounds better.”

    When it comes to creative writing, I also tend to write in the personal “I.” For the “Why I Write” essay, for instance, I chose to write a narrative piece over everything else. I think we and others tend to do so because it is the easiest way to express ourselves. When we use the third person, we are speaking about someone else/others, and we are no longer writing about our own personal experiences and emotions.

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