Poetic Drone Warfare Criticism Speech

The paper I have chosen to repurpose is a strange essay from my freshman year. I wrote it for English 125. It’s an 8-page essay that attempts to explain the dangerous implications of the rise of drone warfare. I took a very roundabout route to get to that point – evidence I used ranged from historical, to psychological, to scientific. The essay works, but it could be better.

I want to repurpose this essay because just editing it wouldn’t make it more interesting. I want to repurpose it into a speech. Why? I think the language I used in the essay is sometimes almost poetic. It would make a cool speech. Also, I’ve never written a speech before but have always wanted to. Some of the most interesting writing I’ve read is meant to be delivered orally. Examples include Shakespeare plays and many famous speeches. A lot can be changed format-wise for a speech. Repurposing my essay into a speech format will be fun because I think the content of the essay will work well in the speech medium.

My intro is a great example of part of my essay that can be easily repurposed into a speech. It starts with a quotation from Robert E. Lee about warfare. I’ve read and heard quite a few speeches that have quotations in them. After that my intro tells the story of Cain and Abel. It describes how intimate the murder of Abel by Cain was. The purpose of this is to set the scene for the lack of intimacy of drone warfare – and the consequences of that lack of intimacy. It’s a dramatic intro – and most speeches are meant to be dramatic. The fact that my intro – and most of the essay – has a dramatic feel means that it will probably repurpose very well.


3 thoughts to “Poetic Drone Warfare Criticism Speech”

  1. Sounds like you’re really excited about writing a speech! What I would like to know is, what do you consider to be your research question? Are you going to be learning anything new for this speech or are you just putting the same information from your essay into it?

    It sounds like you’ve chosen a really good genre, but keep in mind your audience and purpose – what are you trying to learn more about?

  2. I like this topic because it is a topic that is very current. A speech would be a great way to write this essay because it could be a good way to present your argument. Who would your audience be for the speech? I think putting in the quote and the story of cane and abel would help connect with the people that you would be giving the speech to because they are they are both well known.

  3. I think this is a unique way of repurposing a past essay. Though I haven’t read your initial work, the topic of unmanned military drones is both controversial and relevant today, which in my opinion would warrant the dramatic nature of a speech.

    I think to do this well, you will need to really dive into the medium. I know that speech writing itself has some general ideas and theories, yet the overall style is very dependent on for whom the speech is written for. I would look into presidential speech writers ect, to understand how this relationship changes how you would write the piece.

    Secondly, I would ask, given that it is a speech, is the audience changed? Since the speech is orally given, would a larger group of concerned citizens be listening?

    Lastly, is the question your asking about this topic changing? Is your view of the issue, obviously supported by your research in the past, going to change with this different medium. Do you have a different perspective today? Looking forward to reading it.

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