Repurposing Runes

The paper I will be repurposing is a paper from my Classic Civilization 325 class.  It is paper on the uses of Runes and some history of Runic written language.  The paper goes into a brief explanation about uses of runes and why it is believed that they were used for certain items.  I want to repurpose this paper because I love the topic, because it is really interesting to me and will be enjoyable to write.  I also want to repurpose it so that I can take it one step farther and write about how Runes shaped the development of written language and how the use of Runes changed over time with the culture.  As a linguistics major it would be interesting to see what I can write about now compared to when I wrote this paper 2 years ago because of the technical aspects that I will be understand now.


Blake Bambach

I am a senior linguistics major a University of Michigan. I am on the sailing team and a part of a fraternity. I enjoy reading more journalistic type writing mostly and enjoy technical writing.

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  1. Blake, I didn’t know you were a linguistics major, that’s so cool! This sounds really interesting because I love hearing about language and how it’s formed, but it also sounds like it might be more editing your old paper than completely writing it for a new audience. What audience were you writing for before/who are you going to write for now?

  2. That sounds awesome, I’ve never really thought about runes as a language.. it seems like a pretty interesting topic! You should be sure to have a totally new research question in mind – maybe just talk about how runes changed over time with a certain culture? Think about your purpose and audience as well. Thinking about which genre to use is a difficult thing for me, but I think this could make a cool academic article unless you wanted to go with something more informal.

  3. I think this is both a cool idea and will serve as a natural transition into the repurposing paper assignment. I think you have developed a question to answer that wasn’t satisfied previously, “How Runes shaped the development of written language and how the use of Runes changed over time with the culture.” Given that you’re a linguistic major, I expect that your analysis now will be more complete and fulfilling.

    I guess the only thing I would really venture into is the genre of this new piece and the audience. Is the genre similar to the style you had written during your freshman year? Is the audience, one that is interested in linguistics, still maintained, or are you attempting to capture a different set of readers? Looking forward to reading the draft.

  4. Blake, from your description I’m still a little unsure of what format you are repurposing your essay into? I think there is a big distinction between editing and repurposing – and I don’t quite see that distinction from your description.

    Regardless I’m excited to see your rune project develop!

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