Rhetorical Reading

Understanding rhetorical reading is more difficult to break down and understand than it seems. In this article, the research and explanation is extensive. It focuses on more than just the material, but knowledge and context behind it.

The understanding that we receive from reading a text is a combination of the meaning in the words and our outside experiences and context.

Additionally, included in a reader’s reading of a text should be the author’s intention, the purpose and who the author intended on reading the piece.

This type of reading allows for a more in-depth understanding of what is in the text, gaining more knowledge or analysis from the piece. Rhetorical reading is something that seems easy enough, but many times it can be easy to skim over the material, get the main point and forget about the author entirely.

Thinking about the author as the reader is important in itself. But by understanding this process of rhetorical reading, it inspires the concept of considering this when writing. Maybe in order to be a better rhetorical reader, writing is a good place to start.

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  1. First off, I really like the way you structured your blog post. It was very easy to scan, and it made the information easy to digest. Could the point that you make about writing being a good foundation for proper rhetorical reading could be connected with a point that one of the other articles makes about readers and writers using similar strategies to take in/convey information?

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