Serving Up Some SJ!

Apart from my half-hearted attempts to create (and maintain) blogs about myself and my passions in the past, I have had a lot less experience with blogs than probably a lot of people.  It’s still a big goal of mine though, especially when I read really interesting stories and blogs that make me think.  I work for Housing as a Diversity Peer Educator (DPE), and love to read and write about social justice (which I usually always abbreviate “SJ”) topics and articles that can really show other perspectives that I might not necessarily ever think about!

From My Brown Eyed View 2.0

Over the past few years, I have been becoming interested in blogs with SJ spins, such as blogs like From My Brown Eyed View.  This site was just started a few months ago, but I became interested in it when a fellow DPE posted a blurb from the site on our group Facebook page.  I love the collection of written perspectives, as well as the simple links to videos that deal with a broad range of social identities, such as race, ability status, or mental health.  This sort of mix makes it interesting to read and links to some really amazing ideas — like this amazing video  performance showing the intersection of race and sexual orientation in spoken word form.  (It’s really an amazing video- you should check it out!)

Just as well, the blog might not be the flashiest or most respected, but it gets a lot done with a few months of posts under its belt.  Each post is really meaningful and really makes you think about who you are and about what our society is telling us in terms of social equality (or the lack thereof).  I really encourage you to check it out if you’re interested in current events, social justice and multiculturalism, or pieces that will make you think differently about the world around you!  Who knows, maybe it’ll even spur you to begin sharing your unique perspective — the part of you that is so valuable to others to learn and grow as well!


Also, I absolutely love this other blog The Big Girl Blog, which deals with a few more SJ issues as well (namely race and size).  It’s another amazing blog that sheds light on the oppression that people of size and racial minorities are facing today, and has a lot of engaging and interesting experiences, fashion tips, and advice to look through!  🙂

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