So I’m thinking about making this one paper into another paper…

…And this is what it’s all about. When I was trying to remind myself of all the things I’ve written, I noticed that there were a couple topics that I talked about in one form or another more than once. After all the searching and deciphering, I guess I’ve kinda sorta decided that I’m going to write a story. I wrote an essay last year about an experience I had with performing. I talked about how it was new and intimidating for me, and about how nervous it made me feel. The paper turned out pretty decent, but there are definitely things I wasn’t totally happy with, as there always are. I think that in repurposing this essay I’d like to shift into telling a different story than the one my original essay talks about. I was considering telling a story about how I met my boyfriend playing music on the street (he was playing, not me). I feel like the whole situation could make for a cool story. I guess this is mainly for self-serving purposes, as I’m not sure my story will be particularly compelling to mass audiences, but my goal would potentially be to have this be the kind of thing that could be published in a collection of short stories or something along those lines, so I guess my audience would just be anyone looking to read a story. The purpose of this new piece will be mostly just for entertainment I think, though I’d certainly like to leave the reader thinking/feeling something. I’m just not sure what yet.

So my general goal is to write a story based on an essay. I’m not sure if I want the story to be entirely true; it might be more interesting to fictionalize things a bit and make it all a bit more exciting. But who knows, I think for this particular paper I just want to write it and kind of see where it goes. I think I have a good starting point from the original. So those are my initial thoughts.

Yona Isaacs

Hello :) I'm a BCN major (that's Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience...obnoxiously long name, I know) here at the University of Michigan, as well as an Applied Statistics minor-- and a Writing minor, of course! I'm involved in Psychology research and spend a lot of my "free" time doing that. I also recent-ish-ly started learning to play the ukulele, so that's cool. Oh, and I once smashed a huge whole in a wall with my butt. That was about 6 years ago, but I haven't done anything nearly as impressive since. Still hoping to follow it up with something great!

3 thoughts to “So I’m thinking about making this one paper into another paper…”

  1. I personally think it’s good that you don’t totally have your story locked down yet — that gives you more room to be creative and flow with where it’s going. I think that all “nonfiction” stories have to be made up a little bit because a) that’s how memory works b) nobody’s gonna call you out, you could say that you met your boyfriend in the Albanian circus. But I do think that it’d be cool to leave the basic underlying story fairly close to the original, because that’s where all the original-ity will come from (get it? sorry). But seriously I might focus more on delving really deeply into your experience, rather than adding in some fictional stuff that you think people might find exciting

  2. It is clear from your blog that you are still permeable to new ideas and new directions for this piece. You are right when you say, “this will be for self-serving purposes,” because as it stands, you have a narrow audience. What can you ask yourself about your story with your boyfriend, that makes it bigger than the two of you? Was it fate? Coincidence? Love at first sight? Street competition? There is a lot you can do with this piece, but I think it is important to keep a personal and light tone because that is what your blog already radiates. You will naturally hook readers because who doesn’t love a good love story. I can’t wait to read future drafts!

  3. Sounds romantic! I definitely would read it, but maybe its because I’m a semi-hopeless romantic who doesnt like to admit it. I think it would be awesome to write a creative piece with a little twist. I guess my only concern, given the prompt of this paper, is what are you going to research within this paper. Other than that, I love it!

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