Sullivan’s Why I Blog

I found Sullivan’s essay on blogging to be one of the more interesting pieces I have read in my writing classes, because it’s relevant. I have a personal blog and have blogged for multiple companies that I have worked for. While I’ve always seen blogging as an emotion vulnerability in writing, I never saw the connection in how to be a relevant writer in the blogosphere. The comments that Sullivan made about using hyperlinks and references to other blogs in a helpful rather than hurtful way were really inspiring. I want to try to make my blog more well known, with more readers. The intimacy of a blogger with its readers is one that I find very important in communication today.

I thought Sullivan’s comparison of blogging to taking a narcotic to be oddly fitting. But the most resonating line he wrote was, “you have to express yourself now, while your emotions roil, wile your temper flares, while your humor lasts.” In my blog, I write in a fit of emotion, when I am at my peak. I later go back and read it, realizing the dramatics and vulnerability that exist in the piece, but I am happy that I captured such an honest moment.

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  1. I also liked Sullivan’s point about blogs connecting writers and readers like no form of writing has done before. It makes the readers/commenters part of the process, and like he said, “the zero-sum game of old media…becomes win-win” as both authors and readers benefit form each other.

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