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Here is a post I made a while ago for my internship this summer. It is about a new product called the Freaker, that can keep your cold beverages cold and hot ones hot, while looking like an old knitted sock. It’s pretty cool, and there is a picture included in it. Here is the original post…

We love seeing people following their dreams and creating their own craft… especially when it covers our beer! Launching from a monsterously successful kick-starter campaignThe Freakeris a whole new kind of koozie designed to cover not only your beer, but any beverage container, of nearly any size.

Freakers copy

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Essentially, the Freaker is a knitted insulation sock that is extremely flexible, able to fit over a beer bottle, as well as a half gallon jug of juice.  It also happens to look like your grandma knitted it, with crazy color design patterns and other unique looks. Imagine a beanie, but for your beer. The Freaker will keep your cold beverages cold, and hot ones hot, with more style than you could ever imagine.

If you would like to buy a Freaker, they are available for sale here . Also, feel free to watch one of the wildest kickstarters you have ever seen to understand the Freaker completely.

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