The Pitch: What Is It?

If anyone looks at my computer history, they will see one of my most frequented website destinations- Pitchfork is a website that reviews music, features up-and-coming music videos and tracks, and shares “indie music scene” news. You may be thinking, “Well, this doesn’t sound like a blog to me.” You’re right. It’s not. However, its staffers have recently created a blog, housed within the website. This blog is called The Pitch.

The Pitch gives staffers a chance to review music and share news that didn’t get a chance to find its niche on the front page. Not only does it review music that has been overlooked, but it also leaves room for the more amusing topics. Such a topic was posted just today, sarcastically acknowledging Justin Vernon’s plethora of musical projects.  His “mostly unintelligible singing on Kanye West albums” was honorably ranked second place in the long list.  The lead singer of Bon Iver is talented and most of Pitchfork’s reviews acknowledge this, but even the music gurus assure us that it’s okay to poke fun once in a while. This playful mood exists alongside real questions pertaining to music-related fads of today, such as the increasingly common claim by younger people that LPs are superior to CDs. Such nostalgic topics, like LPs, are blended with those artists and trends that are more modern. In a sense, nostalgia and modernity amalgamate into a moment that acknowledges both the past and its relationship to the present. Similarly, specific topics are organized alongside broader ideals and far-reaching questions. The connection exists through the candidness and sporadic nature of the blogging scene, and this is interesting to me.

Primarily, this blog allows Pitchfork’s dedicated readers to investigate what’s behind the big news and gain insight into the opinions and quirkiness of the website’s writers, editors, and contributors. The blog’s audience is presumably younger people who obviously have an interest in music, but who are also searching for something more refreshing and informal than most of the regular Pitchfork news. 

Hillary Crawford

Let's start with the basics- I am a third year honors political science major here at the university, with a minor in Writing (obviously, right?) and Global Media Studies (have to fit in those film classes). Until this summer, I was basically clueless as to what I wanted to pursue. "Grown-ups" always asked what I wanted to do with a political science degree. Simultaneously, fellow students around me declared they had finally found their destined direction in life. Well, all of these comments just made me wish that I had a set goal, that I knew what I wanted to do in the foreseeable future. But I didn't. After I came to terms with the beauty of keeping my options open while continuing to learn about a broad spectrum of topics, my lightbulb finally went off. Oh, the irony. Long story short, I think I want to be a journalist. But like everything in life, this is always subject to change.

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  1. I enjoyed how you dove into how the blog could effect how readers could gain new opinions from comments and not just from the writer of the blog. I feel as though that helps give a better connection to a music community and artist followings.

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