The truth about the (maybe not so?) obvious.

Take a look around you. Through the recent magazine articles, advertorials, TV commercials, movies, even blog articles such as buzzfeed. What is one thing you notice?

Well the funny thing is, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you haven’t realized the extent to which females on many media outlets are being overtly objectified and sexualized yet this seems to be all okay because of one little term: Lad Masculinity.

What is lad masculinity? Allow me to enlighten you. Lad masculinity is the idea that men are allowed to love and objectify women because they are not sexist. Hmm.. lets think about that a little more closely. So technically you are saying that because you are not discriminating against women, you are allowed to drool upon the half naked pictures or body part highlighted images of women. Don’t get me wrong, I am not some crazy feminist who is anti-male and refuses to shave her legs because that is what I believe society expects me to do. No, I definitely respect women who wear little tight dresses and rock it. Hell, I feel empowered when I’m feeling sexy with maybe a little to much leg showing. But to what extent is ideology okay and when does it become exploitation?

It seems that our current society is being accustomed to seeing advertisements and different media outlets that continuously objectify women that we become desensitized to the idea of sexuality. We are unaware of all that goes on around us because it is just so common.

My past paper that I wrote for my comm101 class consisted of looking at a Cosmopolitan magazine and a Maxim magazine and applying the idea of enlightened sexism and lad masculinity. Though I learned a lot, I want to take it one step further. To what extent is this okay? When does the idea of objectifying women go past the idea of lad masculinity and turn into exploitation? My new research will focus on just that. Additionally, I want to write this in a more informal blog post. I believe that I can apply this ideology a lot to my real life and I want to incorporate the ideals of my fellow college classmates on how they view this issue and really whether it is an issue for them.

This will be raw. This will be real. This might even become epic.



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3 thoughts to “The truth about the (maybe not so?) obvious.”

  1. This is going to be a really cool piece. I think the questions you ask at the bottom of the blog will provide you with solid direction for the research aspect of this assignment. Including field research that you can perform here on campus, maybe of your friends, would make this piece relevant in so many ways and I think it is an important piece to write. I too am not a man-hating feminist, but this is an important topic that does deserve more attention. In addition to interesting research and not just relying on statistics, I think choosing a more casual writing style will gear this paper to the population you want to reach. If you write in a language that hooks readers, your audience will be much bigger than you think. I am excited to see how you go about executing this!!

  2. Sounds like an interesting topic! It’s great that you already have a lot of questions you want answered. I’d be interested to see what other college students say, and if maybe you could do some sort of “research” of your own where you show people pictures or articles and get different male and female perspectives. Also, what genre do you want this paper to be? Were you thinking of keeping it kind of more of a formal research thing, or did you want to write it as more of an opinion piece and insert your own perspectives? Either way, I’m excited to read what you come up with!

  3. Okay your closing line persuaded me, this sounds sweet. I’m definitely super interested in this stuff, and it sounds like you have a really unique experience with it. I might include some of your own personal story with stuff like this. Not to assume that you do, I just feel like all women have some story related to women’s objectification. I think that that your own personal story, or of someone you knew, would really add to the piece!
    I think that one especially interesting part of this controversy is how it devalues women as they get older, even if those women are more accomplished, because they don’t fit into the value system of women=decor. Sarah Silverman was talking about how that really affects the way young girls and women think about their future, and you might look into that for part of your research! Just a thought.

    (also maybe don’t knock girls who don’t shave though because maybe I don’t hate men maybe I just like biking down the street with the breeze tickling my leg hair)

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