To repurpose or not to repurpose? That is the Question.

The paper I am going to repurpose for this assignment is from a course I took last semester. In my Judaic Studies 410 class, we were asked to assess our Jewish Identities with the incorporation of research and evidence found in our class readings and from additional sources that we had to find on our own. I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me a chance to really explore my Jewish identity and how and why I am where I am today. I want to repurpose this essay because after rereading it over the last couple of days, I think the research I had to include, clouded the strength and beauty of my story. The quotes and the research are so ordinary and are included because I wanted a good grade, not because I thought they helped my argument and my writing in any way.

I am going to repurpose this essay from the research paper that it is, to a letter written to my grandfather. I want to strip the essay of its “extra” skin and create a piece that is raw and thought provoking. Though my ideas are already on the paper, I know that through this repurposing, I will be able to dig deeper and visit new areas that my research paper didn’t allow me to do before. I want to write a piece that is important to me, but also to my family members and my grandfather’s legacy. He is the reason that my family observes Judaism the way we do and it is that point that I want to drive home in this repurposing assignment.

3 thoughts to “To repurpose or not to repurpose? That is the Question.”

  1. I was really excited hearing about this idea in class, and I still think it’s sweet. Pulling the unnecessary statistics out of the paper I think will make it a lot more personal and interesting! Can’t wait to read it

  2. Getting rid of the bullshit quotes and research will really allow you to personalize your essay. I hate when you can’t write for yourself because a professor demands unnecessary research within the paper. I really think you can research the history of your family and incorporate that within your essay. You can even research yourself and see what being jewish means for you

  3. I really like the idea that this will all be formatted as a letter to your grandfather. I’m interested to hear the story about how your grandfather has shaped your entire family, and I definitely think talking to some of your family members would be really interesting. Have you thought about your Jewish identity vs the identities of other Jews? Other non-Jews? I’d be curious to see what makes your identity unique/ similar to others and to hear about how you got to be where you are.

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