Uncomfortable Writing

I don’t know how many people at the University have taken African Art, but Professor Doris is constantly trying to get us to stretch our boundaries and take us out of our comfort zones. Sometimes it’s interesting to just see and hear what makes people uncomfortable, like the word fetish or the concept of women’s bare breasts. These ideas are only uncomfortable because of the context in which we have lived our lives, and may not be so to other cultures or types of people. Even for me to write today about different forms of fetish, and I’m a very straightforward person, has made me shift in my seat.

This all made me want to analyze why we feel discomfort at things that are perfectly natural, and why do we feel the need to laugh or walk away? It may be similar to the tendency of people to reject opinions other than their own, and then to prove to others that they are part of the norm and don’t hold these strange or forbidden characteristics. At the same time, these subjects hold a certain fascination within us that we are not outwardly able to share.

Sex is obviously one of these topics, and I personally believe that many of the subjects we find uncomfortable originate from this subject, like homosexuality, abortion (and birth control), privacy as a general concept. We are both afraid and transfixed by the idea of what people do behind closed doors, and yet it is forbidden to write about even though it dictates so much of our lives.

So you can probably anticipate more posts that will make you uncomfortable, but I ask that you at least analyze why it does so and don’t run away!

And here is a picture of a puppy to put you all at ease:


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