Why I Follow Blogs

tumblr_m58aekvYKW1rse6mzo1_1280Blogging for me is a purely personal thing. A online diary that a few anonymous other bloggers that I will never meet get to read. But, that is one version of blogging. So here is the first blog I ever found, one that inspired me to continue blogging and be a writer.

I Read Into Things, written¬†by Gloria Szabo is blog filled to the brim of Gloria’s writing. She began blogging as a form of expression, getting out all of the wonderful tidbits of emotion that she formed into fluid word. However, now she has published a book! Most of her blog recently consists of quotes and pages of her new book.

This is one of my favorite blogs because it is incredibly raw. I read this blog as a 14 year old high schooler and thought, okay I’m not alone, I’m not crazy. She opens up in an insane way and often is attacked for it or her opinions. But she at least inspired one girl (and she knows it because I emailed her.)

My most recently loved blog is the nocturnals. This blog is largely less focused on writing. It is filled with images and quotes, a majority of which I reblog. This photos or quotes (often from well-known writers) sometimes say more about the blogger than a personally written piece could.

That is something I have learned from blogging, mostly from this blog in particular. Sometimes things can’t be said any better than they’ve already been said. Or a picture describes an emotion, an inspiration, more than words ever could. Often famous writers have said what I have always struggled to understand. By reblogging these posts, I give a little nod to that person on the other side of the screen and say, “I understand.”


2 thoughts to “Why I Follow Blogs”

  1. I love the way you connect your reblogging of other bloggers’ posts to understanding where they come from. It’s great that you’re able to find a way to connect to strangers on such a public forum.

  2. I mostly read blogs that make witty comments, display images, or just try to create, so I think it’s really interesting that you like the more “journal” style of blogging. People keep telling me that it can be an amazing experience to participate in, so maybe I should try it!

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