Why I Write

Before reading Orwell and Didion’s “Why I Write” essays, I honestly had never questioned my motivation to write or my general enjoyment of writing. When posed with the question, the first thing I could think of is just that I’ve always used writing to express myself in some way or another.

Writing for me has never really been about creative writing or sitting down and making myself write. The motivation to write has always come around when I have had certain feelings to let out or certain assignments or work to complete. Throughout my middle and high school years, most of the writing I did either came out as assignments for school or angsty poetry about feelings and boys. However, once I started living my life on the internet, a lot of my writing has become very opinionated, as a lot of internet writing tends to be. Then when I started writing for online publications, my writing transitioned into something a lot more formal and purposeful.

Writing for online news sites and blogs has given me traditional researching and writing skills that are more commonly found in journalism than anything like creative writing or argumentative essay writing. It seems like my motivation to write has transitioned from an emotional motivation to a more goal-driven motivation. In a general sense I guess I still write in both ways, for a certain purpose but also to express ideas and emotions. I’m sure my writing will continue to transition based on my college and career path as well.


Sarah Rybak

I'm a junior Comm major with special interests in gender, gaming, and new media in terms of how people interact through it with each other.

3 thoughts to “Why I Write”

  1. Sarah your post made me laugh.

    There isn’t of writing can make me laugh so – kudos.

    It was funny because it was so honest. Wasn’t forced at all. Definitely something to continue doing in your writing.

  2. Do you like writing in a more formal and purposeful way or just spewing out emotional feelings like you have before better?

    I think it would be really great and add a touch of character if you add an example of angsty, anti-boys poetry or something of the sort from your more emotional writing days. It would make me laugh a lot.

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