Why I Write

I started writing when I was about six years old when my parents got divorced.  At first it was a mandatory thing that I had to do through some counseling that I had to do.  I would write down every night things that were on my mind or questions that I had and I would bring them to my next session.  This went on for about two years until I no longer had to go, however the writing never stopped but slowed.  I wrote mostly out of necessity for a long time occasionally going back to keep some sort of journal sporadically when I needed to.  It would usually get stowed away in a little cubby that I had made below the stairs that come down to my room.

My gained an appreciation for writing because of the way it would allow me to release and put to words truly what I was feeling when I needed to, during times that I did not want to talk to people, but still had to get things out.  I had an outlet that I would have probably never thought of on my own.  Having that as an outlet in high school is actually what made me get more interested in writing. I used some of the things I had learned from expressing my thought on paper for class to put more emotion into some of the things that we were required to write.  This helped to grow my enjoyment of writing for a purpose other than my own personal benefit.

Blake Bambach

I am a senior linguistics major a University of Michigan. I am on the sailing team and a part of a fraternity. I enjoy reading more journalistic type writing mostly and enjoy technical writing.

3 thoughts to “Why I Write”

  1. Blake, I can really relate to this piece because I too went through the divorce of my parents and found writing to be an incredible outlet. I would definitely encourage you to bring the reader into the feelings that came out in your writing (i.e. sadness, fear, anger, happiness?) Bringing in what you felt, how you felt, what specific events or moments triggered those feelings, will bring this piece to life. This is a great start to your essay!

  2. To keep the trend going, my parents also went through a divorce when I was young, so your post really hits me. The reader can feel your honesty and it is an actual example of how you’ve learned to express your emotions so accurately on paper. I really like the fact that it’s so personal, and I would add specific examples to build upon this strength. For example, how exactly did that outlet make you interested in writing in high school? At what moment did that happen?

  3. I liked your specificity in the first paragraph! I think that for your essay, you should bring more of that to the stuff you address in the second paragraph. I think this’ll be a great essay!

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