Writing on my mind…

It’s coming.

We are about three weeks in, and the school work has surmounted any level of writing I have been forced to do in my college career.  And it definitely doesn’t help that I’ve been having a major problem with writer’s block this weekend.  Next week I have three papers due, and only basic ideas for the first two — and this level of unpreparedness and lack of organization has been really hurting my motivation to sit down at my cold, messy desk and type away an outline like I usually do.  Everything that I think of doing gets over analyzed by my brain, and I end up erasing the few words that I ended up jotting down.  But hey… it’s normal for this to happen, right?

Take for example, my first linguistics paper.  It’s due next Tuesday and I really need to start.  The problem is, there is no topic for it and I am HORRIBLE at open-ended assignments.   The idea is to pick any form of mass media and write about how language is used in it.  So naturally, I can’t decide between analyzing one of my favorite TV shows (Orange Is The New Black/Scandal), or the way that diction changes for artists who transcend multiple genres of music, or how race and identity are represented in Disney films (see:  The Lion King, The Princess and the Frog, The Jungle Book, etc.), or about three other ideas that have been floating around in my head surrounding news outlets, the function of radio and audio in the modern world (Welcome to Night Vale, anyone?), etc.  The multitude of choices is so overwhelming to me!

I’m sure with classes beginning to pick up, a few of you might also be feeling this way too.  So does anyone have any tips to beat the old  “writer’s block” demon?  They’d be greatly appreciated!  Here’s hoping all of our future writing projects go well!

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