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A website that I have been a fan of for a while is Beyonce’s official website. Yes, I know how this sounds, like an overly-obsessed 14 year old girl, but I assure you, this website is a work of art. Please, see for yourself.

This site is a view into the ultra-secret and private life of Beyonce. She, unlike most mega stars, has made an active effort to remain as private as possible, given her insane level of recognition and fame. Beyonce is one of the greatest singers of all time and I believe that  her strategic choice to stay tucked away makes her fame even greater and more sought out.

The media and the gossip magazines are filled with fake reports and rumors regarding Beyonce, her husband and her child. This website is her way of disproving all the claims she hears on a daily basis. Through an updated tumblr of images of not only her singing tours but also her private life, Beyonce has made available thousands of pictures that welcome her fans into her life. In addition to pictures, Beyonce has included videos from moments throughout her life, sound audio bits from concerts and CDs as well as links to her other business ventures, such as her clothing line and fragrance.

This site is inclusive of audio and visual media all with a really inclusive and appealing look to it. This is a new media technique that I would be interested in learning how to implement in my remediation assignment.


4 thoughts to “Beyonce Everything”

  1. So there’s a kid in one of my classes who I don’t know at all, but I’ve seen him on this beyonce website MULTIPLE times during lecture of different days, and I always thought it was funny that someone was spending so much time on a beyonce site.
    But not that I look at it, it really is such a cool design for a web site!
    The whole thing is super visually engaging, and it just seems like there’s soooo much to click on and explore. I don’t know how hard/ easy it would be to design something like this, but it would look really cool I’m sure. How would you want to use all the visual media and the audio in your project?

  2. I’ve always admired how Beyonce knows exactly what she wants and how she wants to present herself to the world, and just owns it. She’s incredible and so savvy — even though she’s private, she puts all these pictures up because she knows that fans will be stalking her somewhere, and it may as well be somewhere she controls.
    So, how are you thinking of doing something like this for your remediation? Lots of pictures, links, etc?

  3. Let’s be clear, beyonce is the queen.

    I think it would be really cool to incorporate alot of pictures in your site if that is what you are thinking of doing. Pictures seem to move me alot so I think it would be a great connection with your audience

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