Challenge For You- Taking for Granted.

College is really tough. I think we can all agree on this one. There’s a million things to do and never enough time.

But it’s time has become a real issue for me lately. It’s really starting to set in that I only have 2 years left here; that half of my journey at this University, with these people, is half way over. [Part of this impending doom feeling is probably coming from the fact that I’m exiting teen-hood in 2 months and turning 20 on November 25th… but regardless, it’s stressful.]

Last week an advisor at my work announced that he had accepted a position, at OSU of all places, and that he would be leaving us. Now, before I get started here, I am very happy for him. It’s been his dream job forever and he’s finally got an opportunity to take his life by storm. But change has never been something I’m good at. And then he dropped that he’s leaving this Friday. He gave us just over a weeks heads up. It really tore me up because he’s been in the office since I started here as a Freshman in 2011. I always looked to him for a smile and for encouragement.

However, the situation made me also realize that a lot of people I’ve met here are gone. They graduated or got better jobs and now they’re out doing amazing things around not only this state, but around the country. Although it really sucks to have people you get attached to seeing every day leave like that, deep down you know that’s just life and you move on. But now, I’ve been thinking that’s a boring way to look at it.

So here is a quote from me to you that this advisor who is leaving for OSU on Friday inspired me to create and live out every day without knowing it until now:

“People are placed in your life for a reason whether you know it or not. Take something from each of them, but give something of yourself as well. Even if it’s only a smile.”

I would like to challenge you to see the reason for the people in your life and to stop taking those people for granted.

Haunted Bell Tower. Staff shot. Event presented by CCI on North Campus each October.
Haunted Bell Tower. Staff shot. Event presented by CCI on North Campus each October.

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