Challenging Technology

For my remediating project, I am creating an advice twitter account for young, 20 year olds entering the professional world. As a young 20 year old myself, I’m a pretty avid tweeter. I know the ins and outs of the site pretty well. So it’s a little difficult for me to challenge myself in this area. But what has become challenging is changing my image on twitter from a personal to a professional one.

Rather than having a silly background pictured tiled for my design like I do in my personal account, professional twitters have to look put together, with a serious background that is eye catching. Rather than having a selfie as my thumbnail, professional twitters have to have something as their picture that will show what they are right off the bat. My tech challenge was how to create these elements for myself.


I created this image at, an easy to use sight to create professional looking text logos or images. The hard part comes when you try to use that image in practical use. I made about 20 of these images, each in different sizes, trying to get them to fit in the background of my twitter page. I may be doing this in the completely wrong and extended way, but I figured it out.

This project has made me realize that while I find myself to be fairly knowledgable in technology, just from my day to day uses, there is so much more I can learn about these technologies by taking them at different angles.


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