Eportfolio Reflections

Can anybody out there give me a definition for the word “writer”?

Because after looking at everybody’s eportfolio storyboards in class I lost all predetermined labels attached to the word.

Although I have read very few pieces from my classmates, their storyboards gave me excellent insight into which style of writing each person prefers. From very professionally laid out websites to less formal, blog setups, each eportfolio contained a quality that reflected its creator.


My eportfolio, titled “Life’s a beach. Bitch, I meant bitch.” is an adequate reflection of my style of writing. I am a very professional individual and plan to include PDFs of my resume, cover letter, and my biography authorized by J.K. Rowling. I know that my eportfolio will land me a job at a top tier company, such as Goldman Sachs or Blimpy Burger.

Because my last name is Schell (pronounced shell), the metaphor comparing my writing and myself to a beach is nothing short of perfection. From the sun to the boats to the waves, peaceful is exactly how I would describe my college lifestyle (sooooooo much time to frolic).

My eportfolio will be a great representation of my life, in general. Everyday, I discover that each moment goes exactly as planned. I have never accidentally fallen out of my lofted bed or almost burnt down Mosher Jordan because I forgot how to make Easy Mac in a microwave oven. I never even had an awkward stage in middle school.

When I was young, the word “writer” made me think of a philosopher (think Plato) artistically scribbling notes onto fresh parchment. Last week, my brain automatically associated the word with Dan Humphrey from the show, Gossip Girl. Now, “writer” does not have any specific association thanks to my classmates, who have redefined it in so many ways with their different styles of writing and unique personalities.


Make sure to check out my eportfolio when it’s published (still waiting on the biography from J.K.)!

photoP.S. – Do I make this my new profpic? #womancrushwednesday?

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