EPortfolios vs. Reality

I’m sure that we’re all thinking the same things:

  • “This portfolio thing is awesome!”
  • “What have I gotten myself into?”
  • “I think I’m going to make an EPortfolio with a talking Dinosaur and an interactive game type thing, with a simplistic theme, that also captures the reader, and then the dinosaur will grab them in 3D….”

I’m pretty sure this project will be just like every other new and interesting thing I get myself into. I’m totally psyched to jump into it and I have all sorts of crazy good (and terrible) ideas that I want to implement. I can see the perfect EPortfolio in my head. Like something out of a fantasy. But that’s just it… it’ll probably always live in this little fantasy world inside my head.

I’m not saying we’re not going to make awesome things with really great layouts and themes and media and final re-mediation projects. We definitely are. I totally believe that our cohort will do great things. I’m just saying I always set my expectations way too high and end up with something I feel is mediocre compared to the final project living on a silver platter on Cloud 9.

Oh well, we’ll just see I suppose.

One thought to “EPortfolios vs. Reality”

  1. Sarah – our blog posts are really similar! We both seem to be excited about having great ideas but equally as fearful that we might not actually be able to execute these ideas. I think a key part of this is portfolio is going to be finding this happy medium between what is realistic and what we wish we could produce, since sadly, none of us are pro web designers.

    One way to combat these feelings of mediocracy might be to really focus on content and let your content drive your portfolio. We’ve been talking to so much about design and looking at professional websites for inspiration in class that I feel like I’ve been getting lost in only caring about how my portfolio looks. Instead maybe we should shift to focusing on content which is at least something we can control!

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