Free Tickets to “Inequality For All”

I’m assuming all of us Minor in Writing students have received the email about the free tickets to the documentary, “Inequality For All,” which addresses economic inequalities in our country. I’m not exactly sure why we received these tickets, but I’m very thankful that we did, because that is something I have been learning more about and have been becoming more interested in. If anyone else is interested they should check their email for the message with the title “Free Pass to See Inequality for All @ Michigan Theater,” since today is the last day it will be free for us students and is showing at 7:30, as well as 9:45. Inequality differences in our country have become more and more present in the lives of everyday citizens which is why we saw the march on wall street to protest big business and the domination of the wealthy over the middle class. This will continue to be an important issue in our society and will continue to hear more about it in politics and media, so I am hoping this movie is well done, interesting and informative so I can understand the issue and the potential solutions better.

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