Guidelines for ePortfolios

 1. Use a layout

I recently tried to build my ePortfolio without a premade layout. It turned out looking like an e-invitation to Elmo’s 6th birthday party. Layouts give you options for color schemes and design and will look way more put together than a personal creation (which may get confused for the work of a five year old).

2. Simple is better

With that beings said, I have noticed that layouts do not always turn out perfect. Make sure to use minimal colors and stick to one type of font.

3. Have a relevant theme

It’s really cool if your favorite thing to do is make macaroni and cheese. But don’t use that as your cover photo for your blog. Make sure that your theme makes sense and benefits your work.

4. Have legitimate stuff to put on your blog

The most important piece of your ePortfolio is the work you are showcasing – make sure that it is the best it can possibly be!


and most importantly,


 5. Avoid Comic Sans MS

If you have a choice to pet a grizzly bear or use Comic Sans MS on your ePortfolio, pet the grizzly bear. Nothing screams “I have the brain of a fifth grader” like using Comic Sans 14 pt. font in a neon color.

One thought to “Guidelines for ePortfolios”

  1. This post actually made me laugh out loud, in the middle of the business school lobby, oops.

    Really good guidelines and insights though. I always have grand ideas and aspirations for my creative abilities and then somehow they always turn out a little less than optimal and a little more like…an invitation to Elmo’s birthday.
    It’s good to know that internet platform builders have realized the extent of our true skills and accommodated us by providing resources for us to make ourselves look artsy. But I wonder, some of the templates are so rigid that we have almost no flexibility and what was supposed to make us look unique ends up bonding us and turning all the different portfolios into the same breed.

    I also really do feel bad for Comic Sans MS. When did it become so taboo? Was it just because too many people used it? At one point it was considered cute, and now it just seems…childish. Just shows you can’t be a fad.

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