“Hey, did you hear that?” It must have been my re-mediation project!

Sorry that I have super corny, awful titles for my blog posts….

For my re-mediation project, I’m making a podcast! I’ve actually had fun with it this week. I rented some fancy audio recorder thing and a microphone from ISS, and I recorded a bunch of things I want to use for this podcast, though really most of it is just me talking.

Josh has volunteered to co-host the podcast with me (read: I didn’t give him a choice), so that way the whole thing won’t just be my voice. Also, side note: I realized when listening back on my recordings that it’s excruciatingly awful to listen to your own voice talking. I mean, really, is that what I sound like?!

Okay, so anyway, it’s been fun. All this recording stuff is pretty new to me. I’ve gotten lots of recording done, now all I have to do is edit everything together. Which is going to be VERY time consuming if I want it to sound good, I can already tell.

I’m going to use garageband to do the editing since it’s a pretty simple, user friendly program, or so they say. I watched a whole YouTube video about how to edit a podcast on garageband, which was pretty helpful, and now I’m eager to get started. The only issue is that I don’t have a mac and garageband only runs on macs, and I don’t really feel like posting up in the Ugli basement next to a bunch of strangers and awkwardly editing together sounds for a trillion hours. Sooo that part of it is annoying, but I’ll figure it out.

Wish me luck!

Yona Isaacs

Hello :) I'm a BCN major (that's Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience...obnoxiously long name, I know) here at the University of Michigan, as well as an Applied Statistics minor-- and a Writing minor, of course! I'm involved in Psychology research and spend a lot of my "free" time doing that. I also recent-ish-ly started learning to play the ukulele, so that's cool. Oh, and I once smashed a huge whole in a wall with my butt. That was about 6 years ago, but I haven't done anything nearly as impressive since. Still hoping to follow it up with something great!

4 thoughts to ““Hey, did you hear that?” It must have been my re-mediation project!”

  1. I like the corny titles! They always make me excited about clicking on your posts. Also I think your podcast sounds really cool. Maybe to circumvent the awkwardness in the library you can use some awesome headphones? Still not as comfortable as at home, but better than nothing!

  2. You can borrow my Mac anytime! But seriously, this sounds so intense and way over my head. I give you credit for attempting this mountain of a project, but knowing you, you will pull this together so well and create an incredible podcast. I can’t wait to hear it! Also I think the inclusion of multiple voices will really capture your audience even more than if it was a single person narration. Looking forward to seeing the final product!!

  3. I wonder if there is some kind of technology or software through the university that you can use this software. You go girl for trying this awesome and challenging project. I commend you for that and its awesome that you love what you do. Cant wait to hear it!

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