Im Gonna Do a Podcast

The new media technique I’m learning for the remediation project is something you have all probably had exposure to before – a podcast. Amazingly I’ve never made a podcast. I’ve never recorded any kind of audio media. I am completely inexperienced in that realm of communication.

This podcast is exciting for two reasons. One – I wrote a speech for my repurposing project, so the material I’m working with was meant to be spoken, not read. Two – I can chop up my speech at put soundclips of it in my NPR-esque podcast I’m about to make.

Unfortunately I have yet to learn how to make a podcast. That’ll happen tomorrow at the Media Commons on North Campus.

One thought to “Im Gonna Do a Podcast”

  1. This sounds like an awesome idea!! Especially because you wrote a speech for your repurposing project.. I have a feeling that it will turn out really well. Good luck learning how to do all that crazy audio stuff.

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