InDesign Newbie #techchallenge

I decided to explore for some tips on how to navigate InDesign because let’s be honest… I’m not a tech savvy person so this remediation project will probably be a struggle. I figured that after I had gathered all my necessary photos and slogans/quotes/info for my ads, I would just play around with the program. I assumed I would just learn about effects and be able to cut/manipulate images and backgrounds, but there is actually so much more that I can do.

I watched a bunch of video tutorials. One was on “guides and grids”, which help you accurately size and place images on the layout. You can also create layers that you can toggle on and off, so that you can use the guides as necessary. This tool is super cool because usually when I size images, I just guesstimate, but on InDesign, I can be exact and place them in specific locations/orientations. I also watched a video on “placing art”, which will be extremely important for this project because my ads are going to be very visual (hopefully). The number of videos they have is kind of overwhelming, but at the same time reassuring because at least they’re there if I do need help figuring things out (and TechDeck and other resources on campus). I’m just a little worried that I may not have enough time to learn the program well and create a project I am happy with in time.

I think I’m currently at a pretty good place though. I have a fairly solid idea of what sort of images I would like to incorporate, basic layout, and some ideas about slogans. I’m currently working on my storyboard and playing with InDesign + getting tips from helped give me an idea of what I can realistically accomplish.

I hope everyone else’s re-mediation projects are making progress and going well too!

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  1. I’m using InDesign for my remediation project too! Nice to know we have each other for help…or at least just moral support! I can definitely relate to the feeling of not having time to learn the software and create the project. I already know there are going to be so many cool things I could have done but just didn’t know existed. I’m definitely going to check out, that seems like a great resource. You should also look on the adobe site if you haven’t already. They have a ton of resources including videos which I find helpful so I can follow along exactly where to click.

  2. Good to know I’m not the only one new to this program. Can’t wait to see your project! It’ll be cool to see how other people used this program.
    I didn’t even think to check out the Adobe help page. Thanks for the tip! The website looks super promising.

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